Demo List

SONY BRAVIA (2013, 4K project)
River of Petals
• Live multi-plate compositing with retime, segment selection, and colour matching to achieve the look.
• Removed the crew and unwanted objects.
• Performed heavy amount of cleanup for the live plates.
• Composited CG falling petals with lighting adjustment.
Boy Playing
• Created matte painting to add additional petals to the roofs and hills, clear the haze, change colour for exist- ing petals, and to remove the cemetery.
• Composited the matte painting back to the shot behind the practical falling petals.

WORLD WAR Z (2012-2013, stereo conversion)
All 4 Shots
• Created multiple layers of painted plates for occluded areas to be fed back to the stereo conversion pipeline. • Created depth map to be used for the conversion.
• Composited the cleaned plates with adjustment to the depth map to create desired depth for the new left and right views.
• The compositing was done in both 2D and 3D environment.

Throwing Man over the Roof
• Created matte painting for the centre court area to be used for the whole sequence.
• Created set with CG models and various reference photos for the buildings.
• Extended ground plate from multiple live plates with careful traffic and car placement to fit the needs.
• Created background with both 2D and 3D techniques.
• Removed wires for the green screen plate.
• Retimed green screen plate to create better timing and depth.
Man Falling
• Created a single man falling plate from multiple studio green screen plates for shot length and depth needed.
• The background was created with both 2D and 3D techniques.
Jason Statham on the Roof
• Green screen and 3D set composite.
• Fixed problem areas on the green screen to accommodate the transparency and luminance in the scene.
• Adjusted the 3D set to produce a more aesthetic look for the space.

ARLA (2012)
Cows Storming the Field
• Removed the piano wire that was controlling the gate.
• Composited multiple live plates to bring the dog and desired timing of falling crates to the scene.
• Created matte painting to fill more fruits in the crates and for set extension.
• Added environmental elements.
• Created multiple versions for different European regions by replacing the brand on the crates.
Yogurt Cartons
• Removed/added/replaced various fruits to fit the needs of the client.
• Created multiple versions for different packages.

LIFE OF PI (2011, stereo)
• Aligned and colour-matched the stereo background and foreground plates (using Ocula). • Cleaned up various areas to make a more genteel scene.
• Composited the blue screen and background plates in stereo.

TELE2 (2013)
• Created the background with multiple reference and CG elements, as well as multiple stock footages.
• Composited green screen with lighting adjustments.

BEAR (2010)
• Removed safety wire.

TOONED McLaren (2013)
Both shots
• Multi-plate CG composite with adjustments to produce the signature look.
• Made secondary lighting adjustments to fit the sequence.
• Added environmental elements.